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Supercharging performance in 11+ senior school pretests

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Innovative learning

Integrating innovative educational technologies to drive results

Academic rigour

We support some of the most academically successful schools in the UK in pupils' 11+ pretesting preparation.

A force multiplier

We deliver an outstanding capability to schools to maximise their pupils’ success in senior school pretesting (including the ISEB Common Pre-test).

Supporting all stakeholders

Our engine room powers pretest success with 360° preparation (through schools, pupils and parents).

360° preparation

We help schools engage all stakeholders to set the conditions for success for their pupils

Senior Leadership Teams

  • Supercharge pupils' preparation anytime, anywhere, across any platform with your own school-branded cloud-based solution.
  • Real-time data analysis gives insight into learner requirements.
  • Intuitive pupil management and communication tool.
  • Comprehensive Help Centre and remote assistance.
  • Simulate senior school pretesting with mock examinations.


  • Access teacher-created resources in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Automated marking to cut planning, marking and assessment time
  • Build your pupils' growth mindset: track individual progress and achievements
  • Assists meta-cognitive learning and real-time data enables hybrid learning interventions


  • Track your child's preparation and results anytime, anywhere
  • Support your child’s development with access to full answer explanations
  • Supercharge your child's competitive edge and help build their resilience


  • Simulate senior school admissions examinations with verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics
  • Self-regulated learning, self-review and full answer explanations to supercharge improvement
  • Intuitive design makes preparation personal, accessible and fun

We have a 100% retention rate with our schools

Our latest testimonials:

Really impressed by the system and the support offered by you.

A significant enhancement to our pretesting preparation programme and definitely the best I have seen.

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